12 Foot 100% Cotton Flannel Standing Wraps

$30.00 - $34.00
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For those that prefer more "old school" wraps, we offer these 100% cotton flannel wraps.  They have no stretch or give to them like the polyester wraps do, making it more difficult to wrap too tightly and thus cause a bandage bow.  Our wraps have lock-stitched edges so they stand up to repeated washing much better than the raw edge wraps do, which tend to unravel and tangle into a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.  

These wraps come in 12 or 15 foot lengths, sold in sets of four, and are only available in the natural "off white" color.  We are expecting them to arrive in stock by the end of February, but you can pre-order them now for the fastest delivery once they arrive.  Like many of our other products, these wraps will ship free anywhere in the USA, including Alaska and Hawai'i, via USPS Priority mail, which means you'll have them in 3 days or less from the date of shipping, guaranteed.