Hand Sanitizer Gallon - 80% Alcohol - FDA/WHO compliant

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***Update, single gallons are now available for nationwide shipping in the lower 48 states!  Shipping charges will vary depending on where the order is going, so contact me at 818-629-6300 for shipping estimates and to place an order to be shipped.  Feel free to share the link to this page so that we can help get this to people who need it!***


This hand sanitizer is made in an FDA registered facility in Nebraska. The ethyl alcohol used in its production is sourced from the US ethanol industry, which in turn supports US farmers. 


It follows official FDA/WHO guidelines on formulation, and  is 80% alcohol. At this time it is only available in Gallon sizes,  but at a price of $.35 per ounce is a fraction of the cost of many of the sources out there at this time.   Each order of hand sanitizer will come with one free empty 4 oz. pump bottle for home/work, and one free empty 1 oz. pump bottle for traveling.  More bottles of either size may be purchased separately, contact me for details. 


Because this follows the FDA/WHO formula, it does not contain any gelling substances, fragrances, or oils.  It is a liquid, and has just enough "slipperiness" to coat the hands very evenly and effectively, but dries quickly without any stickiness like some gel types of sanitizer do.  It will work quite well in either a regular pump or spray bottle. 


If you need larger amounts, I can have case quantities (4 gallons per case) drop-shipped with free shipping direct from the manufacturer anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Large 200+ gallon cage totes like the one pictured are also available for shipping anywhere in the country, contact me for details.

 If you have any questions, or to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact me at 818-629-6300


We also believe in giving back in this time of need, so we're donating bottles of sanitizer to our local community wherever we can.  To date, we've donated bottles to:

-Moorpark Pantry Plus - Our local food pantry.  They are busier than ever during this challenging time making sure people in our community who are in need don't go hungry. They've got a lot of people coming and going making donations and picking up needed supplies, and they need to stay safe so they can continue their mission.  I believe it's our civic duty to take care of those who take care others so selflessly. If you're so inclined, visit their Facebook page to see how you can help.