Trainer's Choice 5000 Veterinary Liniment Gel 16 oz.

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If you're finding yourself thinking that your liniment may not be performing as well as you'd like it to, or if it's even working at all, then you haven't tried Trainer's Choice 5000 yet.  With the highest concentration of menthol of any horse liniment out there, you and your horse get maximum effectiveness. 

Some of the other benefits of Trainer's choice 5000 liniment include a very low alcohol concentration.  With the increased menthol concentration, it simply isn't needed to boost the cooling effects.  Alcohol is also very drying to skin.  Trainer's Choice instead adds allantoin and aloe barbadensis leaf juice, which soothes and nourishes skin.  There are also no artificial colorants, which is what gives most other liniments their characteristic green color. So in addition to soothing your horse's sore muscles, Trainer's Choice 5000 protects and soothes their skin from harsh chemicals.  Want to learn more?  Check out our blog on what menthol is, and how it works.


  • Use a little or use a lot with our 16 oz. or 7 lb. bottles
  • 7% menthol vs. 1-4% menthol for all leading competitors
  • Convenient gel formula and higher strength means you waste and use less
  • Made in USA by the people who brought you Flexall human-grade pain relieving cream